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Raising Awareness: Our Mission to Fight Against Oral Cancer

Since 2001 to Present

Our organisation is dedicated to increasing awareness about oral cancer and its impact on individuals and their families. We aim to educate the public about the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of oral cancer, as well as the importance of early detection and treatment.


Spreading Awareness and
Impacting Nation Wide

We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the fight against oral cancer. Our organization is dedicated to supporting research efforts and advocating for policies that promote prevention, early detection, and access to quality care for all those affected by this disease.

Educating & Raising Awareness

We believe that education is key to preventing and detecting oral cancer early. That's why we work tirelessly to provide accessible, accurate information about the risk factors, symptoms, and screening options for oral cancer.

Support Healthcare Professionals

We work with policymakers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of oral cancer screening and to promote policies that make screening more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Provide Care & Funds to The Affected

We provide treatment and financial support to the poor oral cancer patients for the continution of treatment and rehabilitation.

Raise Funds for Research Projects

We support research efforts to improve oral cancer diagnosis and treatment by providing resources and support for those affected by oral cancer, including survivors and caregivers.

Let’s Unite and Make it Happen

Join us in our mission to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of those impacted by
oral cancer. Together, we can help to prevent and ultimately defeat this devastating disease.


A significant impact in raising awareness and
promoting early detection of oral cancer


Awareness & Oral Cancer Screening Porgram


Oral Cancer Surgery


Dental Camp


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Research Project

Executive Committee Members

Working Together to Raise
Awareness and Prevent Oral Cancer

Dr. S. M. Anwar Sadat

Prof. Dr. Md. Tajul Islam

Prof. Dr. Sufia Nasrin Rita

Dr. Md. Nazmul Hasan Khandker

Dr. Sumanta Kumar Gain

Dr. Sabrina Binte Rahman

Dr. Farhana Zaman Urmee

Dr. Selim Reza

Dr. Aminul Haque

Dr. Sabrina Binte Rahman

Dr. Farhana Zaman Urmee

Dr. Selim Reza

Advisory Board Members

Harnessing Expertise for
Effective Decision-making

Mr. Md. Wahidul Islam Khan

Mr. Hasan Rahman

Mrs. Tanjina Ismail

Mr. Noman Fatemi